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Lonely Leesa and The Lost Cowboys, Autumn 2017


Have you ever wondered what a band drawing heavily from "Rumors"-era Fleetwood Mac, Lucinda Williams, Big Star, and even some "Exile on Main Street"-era Rolling Stones might sound like?  Even if you haven't, you have to admit that this a potentially amazing mix, yes?  


Lonely Leesa and The Lost Cowboys, formed in early 2017,  brings together the before-mentioned influences and then some. We take you to the place where love has died and then we sit at the bar with you and write songs about it--but melodic and catchy songs. The band unites a talented and veteran group of musicians from a "who's who" of Boston bands including The Rationales, Eddie Japan, Abbie Barrett Band, and Naked on Roller Skates, to name just a few.  


We've been busy putting together a new batch of songs that have been in development since the band hit its full stride in 2018, and we're looking forward to laying them on you.  While no official release date is set (as it seems new ideas and arrangements keep popping up!), we ARE currently in the studio and working diligently!


Some other recent highlights include our nomination for a 2018 Boston Music Award in the "Best Country Act" category, as well as making it to the semi-finals in Boston's famed "Rock & Roll Rumble".  


New shows are currently being booked, so check back to see what's up.  


Thanks for checking us out.  We hope to see you at a show real soon! 

The band is:

Leesa Coyne -- lead vocals, guitar

Eric Donohue -- bass

Chuck Ferreira -- drums and percussion

David Lieb -- keys and backing vocals

Chad Raleigh -- lead guitar 

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